Prof. B.K. Behera has taken over as the Head of Textile Technology Department

Doctorate & Post Doctoral Research Areas Admissions

Textile Engineering :
Analysis & Design of Spinning and Weaving Machinery, Microprocessor Applications in Textiles, Rotor Spinning, Friction Spinning, Development of Sizing Materials and Weavability of Sized Yarns, Knitting, Air-Jet & False Twist Texturizing, Blend Compositions in Yarn, Structural Mechanics of Yarns, Nonwovens, Knitted & Woven Fabrics, Technical Textiles and Computer Applications in Textiles such as Woven and Print Design, Information Systems, System Analysis of Textile Mill.

Textile Chemical Technology :
Preparatory processes dealing with Desizing, Scouring and Bleaching, Application of Natural Synthetic Dyes on Textiles, Mechanism of Dyeing, Printing of Natural & Synthetic Fibre Fabrics. Development of Synthetic Thickeners for Textile Printing. Computer Colour Matching, Special Finishes for Natural & Man-Made Fibers, Polymeric coatings Applications. Energy Conservation in Chemical Processing.

Fibre Science & Technology:
Synthesis and Spinnability of Fibre forming Polymers (polyester, polyamides, acrylic & polyolefins). Rheology of Polymer Fluids and its Relation to the properties of Extruded Filaments. Structure and Properties of Fibrous Materials and Fibers, Heat-setting of Synthetic Fibers, Fibers from Polymer Blends, Chemical Modification of Natural & Man-made Fibers, Polymeric Membranes, Waste Management & Pollution Control. High Performance Fibers (Carbon, Aramides Ceramic), Fibre Reinforced Composites.

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