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Professor & Head of the Department

Ashwini  Kumar  Agrawal

Ph.D. (U. Rochester, NY, USA)
Fibre Science & Technology, Polymers, Stimuli Sensitive Textile Materials, Nano & Bio Materials, Simulation & Modeling


Bhuvanesh    Gupta

Ph.D. (IITD)
Plasma Functionalization of polymers, Medical Textiles, Tissue Engineering, Wound Dressings, Sutures, Nanobiotechnology, Intelligent Polymers & Fibres

B.    K.   Behera

Ph.D( IIT Delhi)
Fabric Manufacturing, Product Development, Apparel Manufacturing, Image Processing, Sizing, Project Preparation and Evaluation

R.    Chattopadhyay

B.Sc.(Tech)Cal, M. Tech , Ph.D( IIT Delhi)

Kushal    Sen

B. Tech. ( IIT Delhi, 1977)Ph.D. (IITD, 1981)
Textile Chemistry, Microencapsulation, Conductive fibres, Special Finishes

S    M   Ishtiaque

B.Tech., Ph.D., Czech Republic

Mangala    Joshi

Ph.D. (IITD)
Polymeric Composites and Nanocomposites, Antimicrobial Finishing, Environmental and Ecological issues in Textiles

Manjeet    Jassal

MS, M. Tech, Ph.D.(IITD)
Nano and Innovative materials for textile applications,electrospun nano fibres

R.    Alagirusamy

Ph.D. (Georgia Tech, USA)

R.  S.  Rengasamy

Ph.D. (IITD)
Mechanics of Yarns & Machines, Texturing, Garment Tech., Surface Characteristics of Tex., Sewing threads, Liquid transport phenomena, Clothing comfort

Deepti    Gupta

Functional Clothing, Product Design, Functional Finishes, Apparel engineering

Apurba    Das

Clothing comfort, Nonwovens and Technical Textiles, Yarn Manufacturing, Instrumentation

Abhijit    Majumdar

Ph.D (Jadavpur University, Kolkata)
Yarn and Fabric Production Systems, Soft Computing Applications, Production and Operations Management

Sourabh    Ghosh

Ph.D. (University of Basel, Switzerland)
Tissue Engineering, Medical Textiles, Surgical Oncology, Polymeric nano-materials for Biomedical applications

Dipayan    Das

Ph.D. (TU Liberec, Czech Republic)
Nonwoven Products & Processes, Textile Structures, Fibre-to-Yarn Engineering

Professors Emeritus

B.  L.  Deopura

Ph.D. (IIT/K)
Fibre Science & Technology, Green Composites

V.  K.  Kothari

Ph.D. (Leeds, U.K.)
Comfort of Clothing, Technical Textiles, Product Development, Evaluation of Textiles and Quality Management, Texturing

Associate Professors

B  S  Butola

Ph.D. (IITD)
Polymeric Nanocomposites, Dyeing with natural dyes, Enzymatic processing

Amit    Rawal

Ph.D. (University of Bolton)
Nonwovens, Smart Textiles, Structural Mechanics of Fibrous assemblies

Samrat    Mukhopadhyay

Natural fibers : their modification and technical applications, Nonwovens and technical textiles

Bhanu    Nandan

PhD (DMSRDE, Kanpur University)
Polymer Crystallization, Self-assembly in Block Copolymers, Supramolecular Assemblies, Polymer Nanotechnology, Fibre Sci and Tech, Electrospinning

Rajiv  K  Srivastava

PhD (KTH, Sweden)
Biodegradable polymers, Catalysis, Emulsions and Suspensions, Polymer Structure-Property Relationship, Fiber Sc.

Assistant Professors

S.  Wazed   Ali

Eco-friendly / Green Chemical Processing of Textiles, Nanotechnology in Functional Materials (Polymers & Textiles), Electro-active Polymers and Textiles

Javed  Nabibaksha   Sheikh

PhD (Tech.) (I.C.T. Mumbai)
Sustainable chemical processing of textiles, Natural dyeing and finishing of textile materials, Functional Finishing of textiles, Application of Bio-Nanotecnology in Textiles

Bipin  Kumar

Ph.D. (IIT Delhi, India)
Textile Science & Engineering

Former Professors

  • A. K.  Sen  Gupta
  • A.  K.  Mahendru
  • A.  K.  Mukherjee
  • Bhaskar    Datta
  • Late C.  D.  Shah
  • D.  S.  Verma
  • H.  K.  Verma
  • K.  R.  Salhotra
  • M.  L.  Gulrajani
  • Late N.  M.  Swani
  • P.  K.  Banerjee
  • P.  K.  Hari
  • Late P.    Bajaj
  • R.  B.  Chavan
  • V.  B.  Gupta
  • V.  K.  Agarwal