Ashwini  Kumar  Agrawal
Ph.D. (U. Rochester, NY, USA)
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Department of Textile Technology, Indian Institute of Technology, Hauz Khas, New Delhi 110016, India
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D98, Deepali, Pitampura Delhi- 110034, India
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Group Specialization
Fibre Science & Technology 
Fiber Manufacturing
Developing new fibers from organic and inorganic materials for new applications.
Nanomaterials for Textile
Production of nanofibers using electrospinning and development of nanofinishes based on nanoparticle
Phase Change Materials for Heat Storage
Microencapsulation process for organic and inorganic PCMs and development of new inorganic PCMs for
Plasma Processing
The processing of textile and other materials using indigenous atmospheric pressure glow discharge
Smart Textile
Responsive fibers, yarns and fabric that change shape, store/release heat/chemicals, and undergo var



Ashwini  Kumar  Agrawal