Collaborate with us

Collaborate with us


The department welcomes collaborations with national and international institutes and industrial organizations for development of new technologies and products based on emerging and existing concepts. IIT Delhi has a very flexible model for initiating such collaborations. The collaborations may be in the form of consulting assignments, sponsored research projects, or other forms of joint activities of mutual benefit. The short term problem-solving assignments may be taken up as the consulting projects spanning over a few weeks to over a year. Long term developments may be undertaken as sponsored research projects spanning over a period of 6 months to 5 years. Institute has a very well defined Intellectual Property Rights policy, which can be downloaded from the institute website under the "Research and Development Unit". The IPR for the outcome of the collaborative activities may be exclusively assigned to the funding agency, jointly owned or licensed depending on the funding pattern and the formal collaborative agreement.

How to initiate a collaboration?
The first step is to explore the areas of research and expertise of the various faculty members and shortlist the faculty members with whom you wish to collaborate. You may use this website to gain this information. Subsequently, you may write to the Head of the Department or to the concerned faculty member directly expressing your willingness to collaborate in the identified area.

Non disclosure agreement (NDA) may be signed by the individual faculty member to initiate the dialogue and to arrive at the mutually acceptable terms. Institute takes up these assignments through the "Research and Development Unit" or "Foundation for Innovation and Technology Transfer (FITT)". All the permissions are internally managed by the collaborating faculty member(s). All payments are made to the accounts of IIT Delhi managed by the above two units.

What are the various types of collaborative activities that can be initiated?
(a) Consulting assignments or projects

(b) Sponsored research projects- fully funded or jointly funded with a govt. funding agency

(c) Workshops or Continuous Education Programmes

(d) Sponsored research student projects

(e) Establishment of Centres of Excellence or research units

(f) Joint research collaborations

(g) Short term Research visits or assignments

(h) any other activity of mutual interest
Who may approach for collaboration?
(i) Industrial Organizations- national or international

(ii) Academic or research organizations

(iii) Government organizations and other funding agencies

(iii) Individual faculty members and students from other institutions