Dr Rajiv K. Srivastava joined the department in 2010 and currently he is a professor in the fiber science group. He graduated from University of Delhi in B. Sc. (Hons.) Chemistry program in 1995. Subsequently, he acquired M. Sc. (Chemistry) and M. Tech. (Polymer Technology) degrees from IIT Delhi in 1997 and 1998, respectively. He obtained his Ph.D. in Polymer Technology from Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Sweden under the guidance of Prof. Ann-Christine Albertsson in 2007. Dr. Srivastava gained more than 7 years of industrial experience, while working with industries including General Electric and Procter & Gamble, prior to joining IIT Delhi.



  • Electrospun Matrices
  • Porous Scaffolds
  • Biodegradable Polymers
  • Value Added Products from Polymer Waste



Electrospun fibers

        Reactive and emulsion electrospinning, nano-functionalized fibrous matrices, crosslinked fibrous matrices

Porous scaffolds

        Emulsion templating, high internal phase emulsion – ring opening polymerization, porous scaffolds for tissue engineering and selective sorption

Biodegradable polymers and polymer waste management

         Aliphatic polyesters, microwave pyrolysis, and value-added products from polymer waste



  • Associate Professor at Indian Institute of Technology Delhi since Dec 2016
  • Assistant Professor at Indian Institute of Technology Delhi from Oct 2010 to Dec 2016
  • Program Manager at Procter & Gamble from Jun 2008 to Sep 2010
  • Senior Engineer at Dow Chemicals from Aug 2007 to Jun 2008
  • Polymer Engineer at General Electric from Nov 2000 to Aug 2003
  • Research Associate at Dabur Research Foundation from Nov 1999 to Oct 2000
  • Project Scientist at Indian Institute of Technology Delhi from Jan 1999 to Sep 1999



  • ACS certificate of membership award (2015)
  • Procter & Gamble Business Quarterly Award (2010)
  • Procter & Gamble Quality Assurance Award (2009 and 2010)
  • Japanese government (Monbukagakusho) scholarship for doctoral research in Japan (2003)
  • GE Plastics Global Team Silver Medal (2002)
  • GE Plastics Management award (2001)
  • GE Elfun certificate (2001)
  • Six-Sigma Green Belt certificate from GE (2001)
  • Joint CSIR-UGC National Eligibility Test for Lectureship and JRF (1997)
  • GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) (1997)



Sponsored Projects as Principal Investigator

  1. Intricate Functional Scaffolds Produced via Solvent Free, Single Step Process, Sponsoring Agency: SERB, DST, Funding: 40.46 L INR, Tenure: 3 years starting from 01.07.21
  2. Intricate porous scaffold via Pickering – High Internal Phase Emulsion Templating, Sponsoring Agency: SERB,  DST, Funding: 37.59 L INR, Tenure: 3 years starting from 05.07.18
  3. Water Base Polymerization and in-situ fabrication of 3-D porous scaffold, Sponsoring Agency: SERB, DST, Funding: 33.90 L INR, Tenure: 3 years starting from 01.04.15
  4. Development of sustainable polymer materials, Sponsoring Agency: STINT, Sweden, Funding: 149000 SEK, Tenure: 1.5 years starting from 11.06.14
  5. Novel Synthetic Routes to Design Biodegradable Polymers of Advanced Macromolecular Architectures, Sponsoring Agency: DST, Funding: 24.63 L INR, Tenure: 3 years starting from 30.01.12
  6. Design and synthesis of biodegradable polymers for hygiene applications, Sponsoring Agency: Planning Unit, IIT Delhi, Funding: 13.70 L INR, Tenure: 1 year starting from 01.01.11



Peer Reviewed Journal Articles: 59

Patents: International - 4 (3 granted, 1 applied), National- 6 (4 granted, 2 applied)

Book Chapters: 4

Selected Publications (from last 5 years)

  1. Agrawal, Meenal; Yadav, Anilkumar; Nandan, Bhanu;Srivastava, Rajiv K. “Facile synthesis of templated macrocellular nanocomposite scaffold via emulsifier-​free HIPE-​ROP”, Chemical Communications (2020), 56, 12604 - 12607
  2. Erdal, Nejla Benyahia; Lando, Gabriela Albara; Yadav, Anilkumar; Srivastava, Rajiv K. Hakkarainen, Minna, “Hydrolytic degradation of porous crosslinked poly(ε-​caprolactone) synthesized by high internal phase emulsion templating”, Polymers (2020), 12(8), 1849.
  3. Gurave, Pramod M.; Singh, Shweta; Yadav, Anilkumar; Nandan, Bhanu; Srivastava, Rajiv K. “Electrospinning of a Near Gel Resin To Produce Cross-​Linked Fibrous Matrices”, Langmuir (2020), 36 (9), 2419-2426
  4. Yadav, Anilkumar; Pal, Sanchayan; Kumar, Dheeraj; Nandan, Bhanu; Srivastava, Rajiv K. “Polymer crystallization under dual confinement of High internal phase emulsion templated crosslinked polymer”, Colloids and Surfaces, A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects (2020), 600, 124938
  5. Yadav, Anilkumar; Erdal, Nejla B. Hakkarainen, Minna, Nandan Bhanu, Srivastava, Rajiv K.  “Cellulose-​Derived Nanographene Oxide Reinforced Macroporous Scaffolds of High Internal Phase Emulsion-​Templated Cross-​Linked Poly(ε-​caprolactone)” Biomacromolecules, (2020), 21(2), 589-596
  6. Yadav Anilkumar; Pal Jit; Nandan Bhanu; Srivastava Rajiv K. “Macroporous Scaffolds of Cross-linked Poly(ɛ-caprolactone) via High Internal Phase Emulsion Templating”, Polymer (2019), 176, 66-73
  7. Wu Duo; Hakkarainen Minna; Samanta Archana; Srivastava RajivK., “Nano-​Graphene Oxide Functionalized Bioactive Poly(lactic acid) and Poly(ε-​caprolactone) Nanofibrous Scaffolds”, Materials (Basel, Switzerland) (2018), 11(4), 566
  8. Pal, Jit; Wu, Duo; Hakkarainen, Minna;Srivastava, Rajiv K. “The viscoelastic interaction between dispersed and continuous phase of PCL​/HA-​PVA oil-​in-​water emulsion uncovers the theoretical and experimental basis for fiber formation during emulsion electrospinning”, European Polymer Journal (2017), 96, 44-54
  9. Samanta, Archana; Takkar, Sonam; Kulshreshtha, Ritu; Nandan, Bhanu;Srivastava, Rajiv K. “Facile Fabrication of Composite Electrospun Nanofibrous Matrices of Poly(ε-​caprolactone)​-​Silica Based Pickering Emulsion”, Langmuir (2017), 33(32), 8062-8069
  10. Wu, Duo; Samanta, Archana; Srivastava Rajiv K. Hakkarainen, Minna, “Starch-​Derived Nanographene Oxide Paves the Way for Electrospinnable and Bioactive Starch Scaffolds for Bone Tissue Engineering”, Biomacromolecules (2017), 18(5), 1582-1591
  11. Samanta, Archana; Takkar, Sonam; Kulshreshtha, Ritu; Nandan, Bhanu &Srivastava Rajiv K.“Nano-silver stabilized Pickering emulsions and their antimicrobial electrospun fibrous matrices”, Biomedical Physics and Engineering Express, (2017), 3, 035011
  12. Pal J., Skrifvars M., Nandan B. &Srivastava Rajiv K.“Electrospun Composite Matrices from Tenside Free Acrylic Acid-graft-Poly(ε-caprolactone) / Hydroxyapatite Oil-in-Water Emulsions”, Journal of Material Science, (2017), 52(4), 2254-2262
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  14. Sharma Esha, Samanta Archana, Pal Jit, Bahga Supreet S., Nandan Bhanu & Srivastava Rajiv K.  “High Internal Phase Emulsion Ring-​Opening Polymerization of Pentadecanolide: Strategy to Obtain Porous Scaffolds in a Single Step, Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics, 2016, 217(15), 1752-1758
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Granted Patents

  1. Srivastava Rajiv K. Nandan Bhanu, Anilkumar L. Yadav, Pal Jit: “A process for preparing three-dimensional porous scaffold and the three-dimensional porous scaffold formed thereof”,Indian Patent No. 359988
  2. Srivastava Rajiv K. Nandan Bhanu, Bahga Supreet Singh, P. Archana, Sharma Esha, Pal Jit “Single step process of making 3D porous construct based on aliphatic polyesters", Indian Patent No. 347028
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