Dr. Javed Nabibaksha Sheikh is an Associate Professor in the Department of Textile and Fibre Engineering at Indian Institute of Technology (I.I.T.) Delhi. He has completed his B.Tech., M.Tech. and Ph.D. (Tech.) in Fibres and Textile Processing Technology from I.C.T. (Earlier known as U.D.C.T.), Mumbai. He is a Fellow of the Society of Dyers and Colourists (U.K.). He has worked with various textiles and chemical industries like Auro Textiles, Pidilite and Rossari Biotech Limited. He also has a teaching experience of 2 years, where he was affiliated with reputed institutes like V.J.T.I. and I.C.T., Mumbai. He is a recipient of various awards and honours like INAE-Young Engineer Award, IEI-Young Engineer Award, Chartered Colourist (S.D.C., U.K.), Early Career Research Award (S.E.R.B., Govt. of India) and Young Associate of I.N.A.E. He was also selected as UGC-Assistant Professor (Engineering science) in the UGC-Faculty Recharge Programme. He has published several research papers in different international and national journals. He holds memberships in various professional bodies like Textile association of India (life member), Indian society of Natural fibres (Life member) and Society of Dyers and Colourists (Voting member). He is also a reviewer for various reputed textile/polymer journals.




  • Textile Chemical Processing



  • TXL-241: Technology of Textile Preparation and Finishing
  • TXP-241: Technology of Textile Preparation and Finishing Lab
  • TXL-242: Technology of Textile Colouration
  • TXP-242: Technology of Textile Colouration Lab
  • TXL-748: Advanced Textile Finishing
  • TXL-786: Technology of Textile Coating and Lamination
  • TXP-751: Characterization of Chemicals and Finished Textiles



  • Sustainable Textile Chemical Processing
  • Development of Functional dyes, chemicals/auxiliaries and polymers for Technical Textiles
  • Simultaneous Dyeing and Finishing of Textile Materials
  • Development of Multifunctional Textiles using Nanotechnology and natural extracts
  • Recycling of Polymeric Waste



Experience ( Academic / Industrial) :

  • Textile Graduate Trainee, Auro Textiles, Baddi, India (July 2005 - April 2006)
  • Technical Sales Executive, Pidilite Industries limited, Mumbai, India (Sept 2008 - June 2009)
  • Contractual Faculty, Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute (V.J.T.I.), Mumbai, India (July 2013- June 2014 and July 2014-June 2015)
  • Technical Product Manager, Rossari Biotech Limited, Mumbai, India. (August 2015 -November 2016)
  • Visiting Faculty, Department of Fibres and Textile Processing Technology, I.C.T., Mumbai (July 2013- Dec 2015)
  • Assistant Professor, Department of Textile and Fibre Engineering, IIT Delhi (January 2017-April 2022)
  • Associate Professor, Department of Textile and Fibre Engineering, 18.04.2022 onwards



Scholastic Achievements and Honours:

  • Young Engineer Award in Textile Engineering from Institution of Engineers, India 2018
  • Young Engineer Award from Indian National Academy of Engineering (INAE) 2019
  • Young Associate, Indian National Academy of Engineering (INAE) 2019
  • Selected as UGC- Assistant Professor (Engineering Science) in UGC-Faculty Recharge Programme
  • Associate of Society of Dyers and Colourists (S.D.C), U.K.
  • Fellow, Society of Dyers and Colourists, UK
  • Early Career Research Award, Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB), Government of India
  • Chartered Colourist (C.Col.), Society of Dyers and Colourists, U.K.
  • Best Research paper award at "National conference on Advances in Polymers and Coatings-Rangotsav 2014"e; at I.C.T., Mumbai.



Selected publications:

  1. Singh A., Sheikh J., Preparation of mosquito repellent, antibacterial and UV protective cotton using a novel, chitosan-based polymeric dye, Carbohydrate polymers, 290, 119466 (2022).
  2. Bramhecha I., Sheikh J, Development of Sustainable Citric Acid-Based Polyol to Synthesize Waterborne Polyurethane for Antibacterial and Breathable Waterproof Coating of Cotton Fabric, Industrial and Engineering chemistry research, 58(47), 21252-21261 (2019).
  3. Singh A., Sheikh J., Development of multifunctional polyester using disperse dyes based through a combination of mosquito repellents, Journal of Molecular structure, 1232, 129988 (2021).
  4. Bramhecha I., Sheikh J., Antibacterial and waterproof breathable waterborne polyurethane functionalised by graphene to develop UV and NIR-protective cotton fabric, Carbon Trends, 4, 100067 (2021).
  5. Aggarwal R., Dutta T., Sheikh J., Extraction of Pectinase from Candida isolated from textile mill effluent and its application in Bio-scouring of Cotton, Sustainable Chemistry and Pharmacy, 17, 100291 (2020).
  6. Singh N., Sheikh J., Sustainable development of Mosquito-repellent, Flame-retardant, Antibacterial, Fragrant and Antioxidant Linen using Microcapsules containing Thymus vulgaris oil in In-situ generated Chitosan-phosphate, Cellulose, 28, 2599–2614 (2021).
  7. Singh A., Sheikh J., Cleaner functional dyeing of wool using Kigelia Africana natural dye and Terminalia chebula bio-mordant, Sustainable Chemistry and Pharmacy, 17, 100286 (2020).
  8. Sheikh J., Brahmecha I., Multifunctional Modification of Linen Fabric using Chitosan-based formulations, International Journal of Biological macromolecules, 118(A), 896-902 (2018).
  9. Sheikh J., Bramhecha I., Multi-functionalization of Linen fabric using a combination of chitosan, silver nanoparticles and Tamarindus Indica L. extract, Cellulose, 26(16), 8895-8905 (2019).
  10. Panda S., Mukhopadhyay S., Sheikh J., A novel technique for direct reuse of wastewater in combining scouring and bleaching of cotton fabric, Journal of textile institute,111(7),1064-1075(2020).




Depatment of Textile and Fibre Engineering

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