Dr. Mangala Joshi is Professor in the Department of Textile Technology. She joined the Department of Textile Technology at IIT, Delhi as Assistant Professor in the year 2000 and was promoted as Associate Prof. in 2006 and Professor in 2011.  She obtained her Ph.D. and M. Tech. degrees in Polymer Science and Technology from Centre for Polymer Science and Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi in 1992 and 1986 respectively. She has guided 10 PhD students and six more students are working for the doctoral thesis under her guidance. She has also guided more than 40 M Tech and 36 B Tech student projects.

She is the coordinator of research vertical on ‘Smart and Intelligent Textiles’ under the Joint Advanced Technology Centre (JATC) set up at IIT Delhi by Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) under an MOU. She is the project investigator of research project on ‘Development of Materials for Aerostat and Airship Envelope’ under JATC. She has  been an  investigator of  several sponsored research projects funded by DST (Nanomission), Govt. of India, Aerial Delivery Research and Development Establishment (ADRDE, Agra) DRDO, Department of Biotechnology (DBT- Govt. of India) and Industry both national and international. She was   a member of Nano Research Group at IIT Delhi working on “Bioactive Nanocomposites” under a sponsored project by US multinational Lockheed Martin wherein she holds a US patent and successfully completed  sponsored project from Indian Navratna Company M/s GAIL India on ‘Multifunctional Hybrid  Polymer Nanocomposites’ where they have filed two Indian Patents. She has about 90 publications in reputed refereed international and national journals, 140 papers in international and national conferences. Her Google Scholar citation Index is h- index 28 and i10- index 60. She has two patents granted (US Patent 9,192,625 (24th November 2015), Indian patent 253898 (31st August 2012) and four more provisional patents filed. 



  • Nanotechnology Applications in Textiles
  • Nanocomposite Fibers Nanocoatings on Textile Substrates
  • Polymeric Composites and Nanocomposites
  • Bioactive Textiles and Nano-Bio-Materials
  • Functional and Intelligent Textiles
  • Environmental Issues in Textiles



  • Winner of National Award for Innovation in the field of Polymer Science and Technology for the year 2012-13 instituted by Department of Petrochemicals, Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers , Govt. of India under the National Policy on Petrochemicals for their Research work in the area of "Development of Nanographite- Polyurethane nanocomposite coatings for Defence Applications".
  • Award of BIG Start up Grant (Biotechnology Ignition Grant), BIRAC, DBT, Govt of India Title of Proposal: Antimicrobial water storage containers for underprivileged urban and rural population, Dr. Mangala Joshi and Ms. Anasuya Roy, IIT Delhi, 45 Lakhs, Initiated : April 2019 Industry Partner: Water Health India
  • UQ-IIT D Research Academy Fellowship Grant under International Collaboration of IIT Delhi and University of Queensland, Australia Title: Polymer Nanocomposites for Advanced Gas barrier Applications Collaborator: Prof. Darren Martin, Australian Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology, University of Queensland, Australia
  • Invention Award from M/s Intellectual Ventures for the proposal titled "Nanocomposites fibers for water purification"

Expert Member of Important Committees :

  • Nominated as 'Technical Expert' in DMSRDE Laboratory Research Council for two years ( 2017- 2019)
  • Member of BOG of UPTTI, Kanpur
  • Core Committee expert member of PAC "Materials, Mining and Metallurgy' SERB, India (2015-2018)
  • Co-opted Expert Member of "Engineering Sciences" of SERB, India (2015-2018) & (2019-2022)
  • Expert Member for Committee on 'Optimal water use in Industrial Sector' by Technology Mission Division, , DST, Govt of India
  • Member , Committee constituted to give recommendations to GOI on how to give boost to Technical Textiles in India under chairmanship of Principal Scientific Advisor to Govt of India Dr. V K Saraswat, NITI Aayog as Co-chairman

Student Awards :

  • Polyurethane/Ceria PU nanocomposite coated Textile with Improved weather resistant property , Raman Sandhoo, Bapan Adak, Mangala Joshi, Functional Textiles and Clothing FTC Conference , 9-12 Feb 2018', IIT Delhi , Poster got third prize
  • Anasuya Roy, B S Butola and Mangala Joshi, 1st Prize in Poster Presentation on Poster titled: "Nanoclay reinforced Antimicrobial Plastics for Healthcare Applications" under category "Affordable Healthcare", Industry Day at IIT Delhi, Sep 23, 2017.
  • First prize in Student Wisdom Contest, Anasuya Roy, BS Butola and M Joshi, International Conference on Advancements in Polymer Science and Technology (APA 2015) organized by Asian Polymer Association, Oct 29-31, 2015, Department of Chemistry, Saurashtra University, Rajkot, Gujarat.
  • Second Prize in Poster Presentation, Anasuya Roy, BS Butola and M Joshi Poster titled: "Silver-based Antimicrobial HDPE/Clay Nanocomposites: A Potential Replacement for Conventional Plastics" International Conference on Indian Textile Academia (ITA) organized by Department of Textile Technology, Feb 19-21, 2016, Department of Textile Technology, IIT Delhi, New Delhi.
  • Second Prize in Poster Presentation, Anasuya Roy, BS Butola and M Joshi Poster titled: "Antimicrobial HDPE/Clay Nanocomposites: A Potential Replacement for Conventional Plastics" Open House 2016, organized by IIT Delhi, April 23, 2016, IIT Delhi, New Delhi.
  • Predicting Changes in Polymer coatings with weathering, U Chatterjee, M Joshi and BS Butola, (3rd Prize in Poster Category) Asia Australia Regional Conference, PPS2013, Mumbai 4-7th Dec 2013.
  • Polyurethane /Sericin based nanofibers for biomedical applications, Young Researchers Conference, Textile Deptt.,M Joshi and TV Ayseshvaryya, IIT Delhi, and March 2013. (First Prize in Poster Category)
  • Responsive Camouflage Textiles, Mukshit Chowdharay , BS Butola and M Joshi, 'Best Student Project Award' at I2 Tech, Open House, IIT Delhi, April 2012.
  • S Wazed Ali and Mangala Joshi , poster on 'Bioactive Polyester Textiles based on Neem Extracts' was awarded the first prize in International Conference on Technical Textiles held at IIT Delhi in November 2006.
  • Extraction Silk Sericin from degumming waste liquor using membrane separation Process and its application on Textiles, M Joshi, R K Prasad, R Purwar and M L Gulrajani, 'Best Industry Relevant Project Award" at I2 Tech, Open House, IIT Delhi, April 2008.
  • Antimicrobial Polyester using Neem Extract, M Joshi S Rajendran and S Wazed Ali, MedTex07, Poster (Awarded 2nd prize), International Conference and Exhibition on Healthcare and Medical Textiles, University of Bolton, UK, 16-18th July 2007.
  • Student posters on Roli Purwar and Mangala Joshi ' Antimicrobial Finishing of Cotton using Neem Extract' and B S Butola and Mangala Joshi UV Protective Textiles got first and second prize respectively in the 7th Asian Textile Conference, held at New Delhi in December 2003.



Important R & D Projects

Development of Multilayered Coated and Laminated Fabric for Aerostat Hull Material

  • Funding Agency : DRDO , DIA-COE, SITEX Vertical
  • Project Cost : 8,16, 38,000/-
  • PI : Mangala Joshi

Development of multifunctional graphene incorporated high molecular weigh polyethylene (HMWPE) or high density polyethylene (HDPE) fibres by an alternative melt route

  • Funding Agency : NTTM, MOT, Govt of India
  • Project Cost, Rs.94,21,824/-
  • PI : Mangala Joshi

Co-ordinator: Smart and Intelligent Textiles Vertical (SITEX),  Joint Advanced Technology Centre-DRDO, JATC

  • Sponsored Project "Development of Multilayered Coated and Laminated Fabric for Aerostat Hull Material (JATC Sub project #22) from DRDO under SITEX vertical
    Date of Initiation: 1st Dec 2017, Grant: Rs. 7, 96, 28000/-, 5 years
    PI: Prof. Mangala Joshi
    Co PI: Dr. B S Butola, Dr. S Wazed Ali, Dr. Abhijit Majumdar and Dr. Bipin Kuma
  • Sponsored Project "Design and Development of Multilayered Laminated Fabric for High altitude Airship (JATC Sub project #19) from DRDO under SITEX vertical
    Date of Initiation: 1st Nov 2017, Grant: Rs. 6, 37, 69,400/-, 5 years
    PI: Dr. B S Butola Co PI: Prof. Mangala Joshi, Dr. S Wazed Ali, Dr. Abhijit Majumdar and Dr. Bipin Kumar
  • "Development of Multifunctional Polyolefin-Nanoclay HybridNanocomposites" funded by GAIL (India).
    Total Grant: 158.11 lakhs.
    PI: Prof. Mangala Joshi, Co. PI: Dr. B S Butola
  • Development of Bioactive Nanocomposites ,
    PI - Dr. Mangala Joshi, Lockheed Martin, USA (~60 lakhs)
  • Development of Polymer Nanocomposite Coated Functional Textiles,
    PI: Dr. Mangala Joshi, NanoMission,DST, ( ~55 lakhs)



  • Advice and Performance Evaluation of Precurser PAN and Carbon Fiber

    Consultant Incharge: Mangala Joshi
    Co. Consultants:V. K. Kothari
    Sponsoring Agency: Pasupati Acrylon Limited
    Start Year: 2008
    End Year: 2008

  • Evaluation of Protective Clothing for Pesticide Users

    Consultant Incharge: Mangala Joshi
    Co. Consultants:
    Sponsoring Agency: NITRA (Ghaziabad)
    Start Year: 2002
    End Year: 2002

  • Evaluation of Plastic Material for Revenue Intelligence

    Consultant Incharge: B. L. Deopura
    Co. Consultants:Mangala Joshi
    Sponsoring Agency: Directorate of Revenue Intelligence
    Start Year: 2002
    End Year: 2003

  • Evaluation of Nylon Tyre Cords

    Consultant Incharge: B. L. Deopura
    Co. Consultants:Mangala Joshi
    Sponsoring Agency: SRF Ltd., Chennai
    Start Year: 2002
    End Year: 2004

  • Evaluation and Solution to Processing Problems of Nylon

    Consultant Incharge: B. L. Deopura
    Co. Consultants:Mangala Joshi
    Sponsoring Agency: SRF Ltd., Chennai
    Start Year: 2003
    End Year: 2005

  • Development of Coated Abrasive Fabrics

    Consultant Incharge: R. Chattopadhyay
    Co. Consultants:Mangala Joshi
    Sponsoring Agency: Forebros Tools, Pvt. Ltd., Ghaziabad
    Start Year: 2005
    End Year: 2005

  • Development of Rubber Coated Jute Fabrics 

    Consultant Incharge: P. K. Banerjee
    Co. Consultants:Mangala Joshi
    Sponsoring Agency: National Jute Development Board
    Start Year: 2006
    End Year: 2006



Book Edited & Books Chapters


‘Coated and Laminated Textiles for Aerostats and Airships: Material Challenges and Technology’ Edited by Mangala Joshi, CRC Press Taylor and Francis Group, First Edition Published in 2022,USA , DOI: https://10.1201/9780429432996

Edited Books :

  • B.L. Deopura, R. Alagirusamy, M. Joshi, and B. Gupta. Polyester and Polyamides. (2008), CRC Press.
  • Mangala Joshi , Nanotechnology in Textiles : Advances and Developments in Polymer Nanocomposites’, Pan Stanford Publishing, Singapore ( 2019)


Book Chapters :

  • Mangala Joshi and Bapan Adak, “Advances in Nanotechnology Based Functional, Smart and Intelligent Textiles: A Review” for Comprehensive Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, 2nd edition, Publisher Elsevier Editor-in-Chiefs: David Andrews Thomas Nann Robert Lipson Book ISBN: 978012812295 Imprint: Academic Press, Published Date: 2nd January 2019, Page Count: 2750
  • M Joshi and B. Adak, Nanotechnology based textiles: A Solution for Emerging Automotive Sector In: Banerjee B. (Eds.), Rubber Nanocomposites and Nanotextiles in Automobiles, Smithers Rapra, and UK (April 2018) pg 207-265.
  • Mangala Joshi and Anasuya Roy. Inorganic NPs based antimicrobial textiles and fibers: The future of functional textiles In Shahid-ul-Islam (Eds.), Nanomaterials in Wet Processing of Textiles Scrivener Publishing and John Wiley Inc. ISBN: 978-1-119-45984-2 March 2018
  • M. Joshi, U. Chatterjee, (2016). Polymer nano-composite: An advanced material for aerospace applications. In: S. Rana, R. Fangueiro (Eds.) Advanced Composite Materials for Aerospace Engineering, Processing, Properties and Applications, Woodhead Publishing, UK, 241-264.
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  • PSG Krishnan and Mangala Joshi, on ‘ Polysilsesquioxanes : Synthesis and Applications” for the book titled “ Polymeric Nanostructures : Synthesis and Applications” published by American Scientific Publishers, USA (2006)
  • Mangala Joshi, ‘The Impact of Nanotechnology on Polyesters and Polyamides’ in the book titled “Advances in Polyesters and Polyamides” under Publication by Woodhead Publishing Co. Ltd. Cambridge, UK (2008) Author: Dr. Mangala Joshi
  • Mangala Joshi and Roli Purwar, “Composite Wound Dressings”, in the book titled “Advances in Wound Care” Edited by S Rajendran under Publication by Woodhead Publishing Co. Ltd. Cambridge, UK (2008)
  • S. Wazed Ali, B. Gupta and M. Joshi, Chapter entitled “Development of antimicrobial polyester using neem extract” – in the book “Medical and healthcare textiles” Edited by S. C. Anand, University of Bolton, UK, J. F. Kennedy, Chembiotech Ltd., M. Miraftab and S. Rajendran, University of Bolton, UK, Published by Woodhead, Publishing Limited, Cambridge, ISBN: 978-1-84569-224-7, 2010.
  • M. Joshi, R. Purwar, S. W. Ali and S. Rajendran, Chapter entitled “Antimicrobial Textiles for Health and Hygiene Applications Based on Eco-friendly Natural Products” in the book ‘Medical and healthcare textiles’ Edited by S. C. Anand, J. F. Kennedy, M. Miraftab and S. Rajendran, Woodhead Publishing Limited, Cambridge, ISBN: 978-1-84569-224-7, 2010, 84-92.


Publications :

1. Mangala Joshi, Soumen Kundu, Bapan Adak and Shuchita Tomar , Atmospheric plasma and UV-additive incorporated PU and styreneisoprene-styrene adhesive for improving inter-layer adhesion in PVF/Fabric/BOPET laminate for aerostat envelope, Composite Part A: Applied Science & Manufacturing, 173 (2023), 107650. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.compositesa.2023.107650.

2. Neeraj Mandlekar, Bharti Rana, Pooja Maurya, Bhupendra Singh Butola, Mangala Joshi,Long-Term Prediction of Creep and Stress-Relaxation Behaviour in Synthetic Fabrics Using the Time–Temperature Superposition Principle. Fibers and Polymers ( IF 2.5 ) Pub Date: 2023-04-18 , DOI:10.1007/s12221-023-00181-0

3. Shikha Chouhan, B.S. Butola and Mangala Joshi, Studies of High-Performance Fabric-Based Laminated Hull Material for Stratospheric Airship accepted in the Journal of Reinforced Plastics and Composites ( Accepted for Publication)2023

4. Joshi, M., Roy, S., Venugopal, V. (2022). Polyurethane/ Drug loaded Halloysite Nanotubes based Electrospun Nanocomposite for Sustained Drug Release. Advances in Natural Sciences: Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Accepted. [ I.F-2.37]

5. Joshi, M., Roy, S., Ayeshvaryaa, T. V. (2022). Polyurethane/Halloysite Nano Tubes/Sericin based Electrospun Nanocomposite for Sustained Drug Release. Advances in Natural Sciences: Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Accepted. [ I.F-2.37]

6. Mangala Joshi, Bapan Adak, Raman Sandhoo, Nano-ceria and nano-zirconia reinforced polyurethane nanocomposite-based coated textiles with enhanced weather resistance, ProgressinOrganicCoatings.165(2022)106744,https://doi.org/10.1016/j.porgcoat.2022.106744

  •  Important Publications: 2019- 2014 (Last five years) :
    • Joshi, M., Adak, B., & Butola, B. S. (2018). Polyurethane nanocomposite based gas barrier films, membranes and coatings: A review on synthesis, characterization and potential applications. Progress in Materials Science. 97, 230-282. (I.F-23.75)
    • Roy, A., Joshi, M., & Butola, B. S. (2019). Preparation and antimicrobial assessment of zinc-montmorillonite intercalates based HDPE nanocomposites: A cost-effective and safe bioactive plastic. Journal of Cleaner Production, 212, 1518-1525. (I.F-5.651)
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Depatment of Textile and Fibre Engineering

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