Dr. Sumit Sinha Ray is serving as an Assistant Professor at Department of Textile and Fibre Engineering, IIT Delhi from Dec 2021. Before joining IIT Delhi, he was an associated with IIT Mandi from 2017-2021 as an Assistant Professor in School of Engineering. Dr. Sinha Ray is also associated with Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering as an Adjunct Assistant Professor. He completed his bachelor’s in metallurgical engineering from Jadavpur University, Kolkata and pursued his PhD and Post-Doc from University of Illinois at Chicago under the guidance of Distinguished Prof. Alexander L. Yarin.  Dr. Sinha Ray has published more than 25 articles in peer-reviewed international journals/conference proceedings with an h-index of 14. His research interest is to investigate heat-mass transfer phenomena, energy conversion/storage using nanoarchitecture from polymeric materials. So far, he has been involved with 4 external and one internal research grant (IIT Mandi) of total 182 lakhs. He is currently mentoring 2 PhD students from IIT Mandi, with several MTech students being graduated from his lab. Dr. Sinha-Ray has served as a reviewer for more than 15 international journals, and as guest editor for a special issue in Polymers (MDPI). His group has submitted two Indian patents in 2021 on valorization of waste polymeric materials into value-added products and processes to do the same. Apart from these, he was avidly involved with NSS activities across Mandi town, and he is a sports enthusiast, loves to write and recite poems in his leisure time.



  • Design of experiments and statistical techniques (IIT Delhi)
  • Materials science for engineers (IIT Mandi)
  • Fluid flow and heat transfer in energy systems (IIT Mandi)



  • Air/Water Filtration
  • Porous Materials for Energy Applications
  • Experimental and Theoretical Thermal-Fluid Sciences at the Micro/Nanoscale
  • Characteristics and New Methodologies of Nonwoven Micro/Nanofiber
  • Biomaterials
  • Drug Delivery



  • Efficient Removal of Most Penetrating Particles (diameter~ 300 nm) from Air/Water Using Supersonically blown Ultrafine PVDF Nanofibers (PI),DST-SERB, 3.5 Years (2018-2022), INR 48.63 lakhs
  • Treatment of Acid Mine Drainage for Heavy Metal Removal (PI),Ministry of Mines, 1 year (2019) INR 19.84 lakhs
  • Development of Biodegradable Polymer Based Ultrafine Nanofibrous Filter Membrane for Heavy Metal Removal (PI),Seed Grant-IIT Mandi, 3 Years (2017-2020), INR 10 lakhs
  • Metal Organic Material (MOM) Embedded Electrospun Carbon Nanofiber (CNF) for Symmetric and Asymmetric Supercapacitor (Co-PI),DST-MES, 3 Years (2019-2022), INR 51.68 lakhs
  • Engineering Novel Nanocomposites for Energy Storage and Conversion (Co-PI),DST-SPARC, 2 Years (2019-2021), INR 47 lakhs



  • International Conference on Recent Advances in Fluid and Thermal Sciences (iCRAFT 2018) on the topic of ultrafine polymer nanofiber nanotexture to improve nucleation in pool boiling
  • 16th Prof. J. M. Dassarma Memorial Lecture organized by Former Students' Association of Physics in collaboration with Department of Physics, Scottish Church College on the topic of my experiments at zero gravity
  • Jawaharlal Nehru Government Engineering College Sundernagar, Mandi H.P. on the topic of nanofibers and their manufacturing  
  • The Technological Institute of Textile & Sciences in the lecture series of ‘Technical Textiles’ on porous polymer fiber membrane
  • Plenary speech on nanofibers and their role in particulate matter filtration at Advances in Textile materials and Process (ATMP-2021) at Uttar Pradesh Textile Technology Institute.



  • Recycling waste plastic bottles into nanofibers for face mask applications
  • https://www.thestatesman.com/cities/shimla/iit-mandi-recycles-pet-bottles-high-efficiency-face-masks-1502897450.html)
  • https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/himla/high-efficiency-face-masks-from-waste-plastic-bottles/articleshow/76251445.cms
  • Removal of heavy metals from wastewater using solution blown nanofibrous membrane
  • https://twitter.com/EduMinOfIndia/status/1373258343968436228
  • https://www.ndtv.com/education/iit-mandi-researchers-develop-method-remove-heavy-metals-from-water



International peer-reviewed journals

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Peer-reviewed conference proceedings

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